Supporting the Gifted Child With Private Lessons: Ideas for Parents

Baby, You Can Drive My Car: How to Beat Driving Test Nerves

Taking your driving test can be a daunting experience. While it isn’t unusual to feel nervous at the thought of taking your driving test, it is also true that being nervous could make the difference between walking away with a brand new driving licence or having to go back to learning how to drive. There […]

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4 Specific Ways to Drive Defensively

Chances are, you’ve heard the advice to “drive defensively” on at least one occasion. Driving lessons instructors will repeat it every time you’re behind the wheel, and parents will send their young teenage drivers off with that cheery warning. But what does driving defensively actually mean? Are there specific things you can do to prevent […]

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How to Overcome Driving Test Nerves

Taking your driving test can be nerve-wracking ordeal. If your nerves get the better of you, there’s even a chance you could make a mistake and fail your test. Here are some practical tips to help you keep calm and relaxed on the big day. Practice, practice, practice Although it might sound obvious, practicing all […]

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